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Constantly updated materials for radiology residents and health care professionals. It's a COMMUNITY BASED LEARNING
which is proved to be the best method to grow together.


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Community-based learning is a high impact practice which improves student retention and engagement, and helps students better absorb, retain, and transfer knowledge. Our community offers

  • Groups and Friends
  • Activities
  • Discussions
  • Timeline (like Facebook)
  • Course activity
  • Polls

and much more to come….

This site offers the possibility of making courses by instructors to share them with the residents/ students. Some categories are 

  • Short courses with tips and tricks
  • Refreshing courses
  • Scientific presentations
  • Recent updates courses
  • Curriculum courses
  • Exams (FRCR)

Most of the courses are certified.

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List of popular courses and categories

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Social Media Marketing

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Email Marketing Strategies

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Content Marketing

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Best educational resources and courses tailored for trainees as working radiologists, Refresh the basics and stay tuned with the current events.

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We have designed the learning paths to be interactive and engaging with video, illustration, tables and quizzes. The best learning paths give you the joy of having fun while you are learning.

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What Our Students Have to Say

As a student, I gained both the skills and confidence to thoughtfully use a variety of quantitative approaches in my work.
Kelvin Black
From Dallas, USA
I was so impressed by the level of support and structure the online courses and professors offered; I am so thankful to be teachers and I have learned so much and cannot imagine reading everything along which is boring.
Zasha Swan
From Australia
"My online experience has been so rewarding thus far! I love the convenience of the classes. The flexibility of the course allowed me to move at my own pace.
Frank Jones
From Japan
Online courses are challenging and seem to require more work than non-online courses, but they are “do-able” if you pace yourself and stay on top of the assignments. I have taken several online courses so far and would definitely recommend it to other students."
Jack Brownn
From London, UK