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Yes, you can learn master your skill, teach what you learnt and can also educate others by selling your own courses. Contact us if you are interested to join our Instructors (Educators) team who gets pleasure on teaching.

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HTML5/CSS3 Essentials

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WordPress Basic Tutorial

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E-Commerce Course

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PHP5/PYTHON Essentials

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Course materials available in the form of video lectures, Self learning materials to get in depth knowledge in your field of interest. Also Quizzes make you strengthen and retain your knowledge 


Become an Instructor (educator) and share your wisdom in the form of video materials, self paced learning materials, Rare Case Scenarios, Tips and Tricks, Quizzes etc.. that suits and fits to your imagination. 


Thats right. You can create and sell your own Courses, Case discussions and Quizzes that help others and in return get remunerated along with the genuine pleasure of helping others. 

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All our courses are reinforced by quizzes at end of chapters, sections and at the end of the course. This makes the student to get assured that he / she get the knowledge out of them.

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Our instructors are mentors in their field of interests and get immense pleasure on teaching them.

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Our course materials are self paced either video or illustrations which have build in quizzes which makes your learning unique and sustained.

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The quizzes and self tests make you know ´What Your Know´ and helps you to sharpen your soft areas.


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